NCA Training create innovative and cost-effective eLearning simulations for both bespoke and off-the-shelf software.  Our online training ensures users are able to fully utilise your software packages, which is especially important for any systems responsible for completing key processes and transactions.   

Our eLearning incorporates fully interactive software walk-throughs with both instructions and tests that leave users feeling confident and competent.  We can also design quick ‘videos’ or ‘how to’ guides that answer frequently asked queries and reduce support calls.

All online training is a 100% accurate simulation of your software and doesn’t require any access to the actual software.

Training outcomes can also be recorded to provide a full audit trail detailing which training courses have been completed, how long it took people to complete them, and the actual training results. We can integrate with Learning Management Systems, if required.

Studies show that eLearning can be over £4k cheaper per person than conventional classroom-based learning & can reduce training time by up to 60%!

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✓ Enhance users’ experience.

✓ Provide 24×7 support – reduce the volume of support calls.

✓ Reduce or eliminate need for face-to-face training.

✓ Can be more effective than standalone training presentations or manuals as users will get to ‘experience’ the software.

✓ Incorporates training assessments (competency tests & quizzes).

✓ Can integrate with learning management systems (LMS).

✓ Provides an audit trail of training completed & users’ performance results.

✓ No expensive demo site or training platform is required.


Software & App Developers

We can provide a range of services to enhance your own offering & differentiate you from the competition.  Enables you to provide eLearning simulations/online training 24×7 – reducing support calls and enhancing user experience with your systems. Can also be used to demonstrate your product to potential clients without providing actual access to software. You can utilise our skills in the following ways:

  • White-Label Services
    We can design & develop Captivate eLearning solutions for your clients’ software system, which you can then provide as part of an enhanced service offering.
  • Adobe Captivate Training
    If you want the flexibility to update your own eLearning simulations, then we can train your in-house team on how to carry out amendments utilising Adobe Captivate.
Company Training & HR Departments

If you have implemented new software and want to provide online training for your employees, then we can help.  We can offer the following services:

  • Training Needs Analysis
    We can help you design eLearning solutions that will fulfil your company’s training and skill requirements, this includes how to measure successful training outcomes.
  • eLearning Development
    We can develop Captivate eLearning solutions for your software or apps. We can also integrate your eLearning programme with any LMS you have. Development can be carried out at your company location or we can conduct remotely from our office in Preston.
  • Adobe Captivate Training
    You may want the flexibility to update eLearning simulations as required. We can train internal staff on how to use Adobe Captivate.


At NCA Training we offer complete flexibility:

  • We can work at your company premises or remotely from our office at the Media Factory in Preston, Lancashire.
  • For software companies, we are happy to ‘white label’ our services.
  • We are fully qualified (PRINCE2) to project manage your entire eLearning project, but if eLearning is part of a wider training initiative then we’re happy to join the team.


All online training solutions are developed by a training specialist with qualifications in both IT training and education. For more information, please contact us here or call Nick Carey on 07931 315954 to arrange a no-obligation meeting.