Nick Carey, owner of NCA Training, has over 15 years’ experience in IT training design and delivery. Nick has worked on a wide range of IT training projects, from retailer POS systems through to specialist medical software packages for the NHS.

✓ 15 years’ experience in IT systems training development & delivery.
✓ Certified developer in the latest version of Adobe Captivate.
✓ TAP Accredited (Trainer Accreditation Programme).
✓ Post-Graduate Certificate in Adult Education – Distinction.
✓ PRINCE2 Practitioner (Project Management).


As part of our service, we can provide training consultancy either as part of an eLearning project or standalone. It involves working with you to understand and identify the following:

Training Needs Analysis / Learner Profiling – Documenting who the target audience is, their learning needs, identifying any potential barriers to successful learning outcomes, etc.

Subject Matter Expert Review Bringing together the key personnel and ensuring their knowledge and experience is documented, and it can be utilised within the training.

Learning Objectives – Documenting the key outcomes for the training, and what it has to deliver for the business & for the person being trained.

Training Integration – Understanding how eLearning will successfully fit within a wider training programme.

Training Measurements – Determining how the training can be accurately measured to demonstrate how the objectives have been met.

All of the above will be collated into an Instructional Design Document, and will be the basis of any eLearning project you commission us to carry out.


As part of any eLearning development project we can also provide project management. This includes:

  • Scoping
  • Deliverables & Completion Criteria
  • Project Plan
  • Testing Plan
  • Budgeting


All online training solutions are developed by a training specialist with qualifications in both IT training and education. For more information, please contact us here or call Nick Carey on 07931 315954 to arrange a no-obligation meeting.